Full of the milk of human kindness.

Now that I have all this time on my hands, you would think I would be a prolific writer.  Every day would be full of pithy insights, fantastic social commentary and definitely some hilarious observations.  Nope, not at all.  Somehow my brain has shut down with this forced time of reflection.  Ugh, reflection.  Who wants … Continue reading Full of the milk of human kindness.

Do you really need that in here?*

*Written under the influence of cold meds. Can we please draw the line when it comes to talking on cell phones in public restrooms?  Why do people feel the need to have conversations in there?  If the call is so important, shouldn't your focus be on that rather than your bladder?  Or if you have … Continue reading Do you really need that in here?*

My Dad, the Great Australian Comedian.

My father and I are very close but are diametrically opposed when it comes to politics and the nature of political correctness.  While I have never heard him use the term snowflake, I am sure he has thought it.  Before you start thinking he is up there with David Duke, let me clarify by saying … Continue reading My Dad, the Great Australian Comedian.

Your friend’s name is what?!?

It is hard for people to believe that I played roller derby.  I have no tattoos, minimal piercings, played non-contact sports growing up, and was never considered overtly agressive.  I had roller skated once in my life, when I was 4, and I wouldn't call holding my grandmother's hand while shuffling 5 feet actual roller … Continue reading Your friend’s name is what?!?