thank u, next


Thank you unambitiousanalyst

I have my first troll!  Does this mean that I am on my way to making it?  How many trolls do you need to be considered successful?  Is there an equation that for every troll there are 10 people who like what you have to say?  In that case, bring on the haters!

Supposedly feedback is a gift so I really appreciate U.A. taking the time to tell me that I am not funny and that my blog is pathetic.  Fortunately it is a good reminder that I should be humble.  I was getting a big head with my 12 followers, an Instagram account and a Facebook page.  I was also veering towards a sense of entitlement by assuming that the entire world appreciated my sense of humor.  Good thing I was put in my place.  Getting another blogger off the streets is important.  The havoc that we wreak when left to our own devices…  The lack of humor that can ensue.

Fortunately, I know that I am an acquired taste.  I am under no illusion that everyone, let alone anyone, will relate to what I have to say.  As far as I know, I am talking to myself and I like it.  It is much cheaper than therapy and it saves the cat having to answer all the time.  Although, she seems to appreciate the commentary.

But back to my “pathetic blog”…  Is feedback really a gift, especially when it is unsolicited and doesn’t provide constructive criticism?  Surely they could have taken some time to highlight specific deficiencies.  I feel like they didn’t put in enough effort when it came to making me feel bad.  Was it the number of nicknames I had as a child?  Was it the offensive nature of some of them?  I wonder if Q.A. is the type of person who goes into stores and asks people with dogs to prove that they are service dogs.  Maybe he/she is the person at Starbucks who complains about having to wait too long for their mobile order when they just ordered it.  Had this person given me some tips or thoughts on how to make my writing better, maybe I would care.  Instead I am going to say that they may be suffering from the following:

  1. Being an ex.  So much for the thought that anyone I’ve dated wouldn’t read my blog.  Perhaps I hit a nerve.
  2. Having too much time on his/her hands.  I suggest that U.A. find a hobby because feeling the urge to write a negative comment on a 500 word blog post highlights the need to do more with his/her life.
  3. Panties in a knot which results in a general discomfort with the world.
  4. FIGJAM – an Australian-ism – Fuck I’m Great, Just Ask Me aka taking oneself too seriously.
  5. Having a bad day.

Whatever the problem, I hope he/she feels better now.  Getting something like this off your chest is important and I am glad that I could help.  Perhaps feedback is a gift and if it is, then my feedback is – Get a life.



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