Saigon, how you have changed.

The last time I was in Saigon, I was 19 and one of the only things I remember is my aunt’s friend Maurizio (an Italian veterinarian who specializes in camels or more specifically, the fleas found on camels….), smuggling rare turtles back to Cambodia in his underpants.  We bought them at the pet market and … Continue reading Saigon, how you have changed.

Olympus Airways has seen better days…

Imagine our surprise when we got off the VietJet transfer bus and saw an Olympus Airways ( plane on the tarmac in front of us.  We were even more surprised when we got on the plane to Da Nang and there was an entirely European crew wearing one type of uniform plus two crew members … Continue reading Olympus Airways has seen better days…

Flirting or Business Development?*

When is it flirting and when is it being friendly?  Are they working on business development or are they truly interested?  You know that feeling when you aren't sure if the bartender is being nice or just trying to pad his tip?  I feel like personal trainers, servers, real estate agents and hair stylists are … Continue reading Flirting or Business Development?*

Sex, drugs and rock & roll in the Starbucks bathroom…

I have written about the Starbucks' bathroom before but I feel like what I saw today deserves a mention.  The Starbucks I frequent is in the middle of an affluent neighborhood in Seattle.  There are very few homeless people, not a lot of bars and it is a pretty low-key place.  This is the Starbucks … Continue reading Sex, drugs and rock & roll in the Starbucks bathroom…

How’s the job search going?

Well, I just wrote an email to a complete stranger on the internet asking for advice.  That is totally normal, right?  Instagram influencers definitely have a handle on what an unemployed marketing director should be doing with her life.  Why would I go to a career coach?  See this pot of spaghetti?  I am throwing … Continue reading How’s the job search going?

Do you really need that in here?*

*Written under the influence of cold meds. Can we please draw the line when it comes to talking on cell phones in public restrooms?  Why do people feel the need to have conversations in there?  If the call is so important, shouldn't your focus be on that rather than your bladder?  Or if you have … Continue reading Do you really need that in here?*

My Dad, the Great Australian Comedian.

My father and I are very close but are diametrically opposed when it comes to politics and the nature of political correctness.  While I have never heard him use the term snowflake, I am sure he has thought it.  Before you start thinking he is up there with David Duke, let me clarify by saying … Continue reading My Dad, the Great Australian Comedian.

Your friend’s name is what?!?

It is hard for people to believe that I played roller derby.  I have no tattoos, minimal piercings, played non-contact sports growing up, and was never considered overtly agressive.  I had roller skated once in my life, when I was 4, and I wouldn't call holding my grandmother's hand while shuffling 5 feet actual roller … Continue reading Your friend’s name is what?!?

Broken sticker, not picker.

"You will meet someone when you least expect it." Least expect what?  I have never understood that saying.  And why doesn't it pertain to anything else in life?  You will get straight As when you least expect it.  You will get a great job when you least expect it.  That six-pack you want...when you least … Continue reading Broken sticker, not picker.