How’s the job search going?


Well, I just wrote an email to a complete stranger on the internet asking for advice.  That is totally normal, right?  Instagram influencers definitely have a handle on what an unemployed marketing director should be doing with her life.  Why would I go to a career coach?  See this pot of spaghetti?  I am throwing it at the wall by the handful and hoping that something sticks because I am slowly losing my mind.  That’s how my job search is going.

In theory I know what I want to do but the trouble is getting there.  I network like a champ, have highly transferable skills and am willing to start at the bottom.  Unfortunately no one seems to want Chanel at Old Navy prices when you aren’t already a part of the industry.  It isn’t a question of living in the wrong place either.  I am willing to move for the right opportunity.  I just feel like I am so entrenched in the network I have that I am not sure how to network for the job I want.  They don’t teach these things in Corporate America school.  I only learned how to create PowerPoints, talk about SLAs, MBRs or POCs and call into conference calls with 18 digit personal codes.  Oh the frustration when you skipped a number by mistake and had to start all over!  Missing out on the hold music before the call started was so disappointing.

I know this is so airy-fairy to say but I really feel like I am on the cusp of something.  The issue is that I have no idea what the hell it is.  For all I know it could be that I find a dollar on the street tomorrow or I wake up not feeling tired.  I am hoping that it is more but with my track record, it is best to stay level-headed and keep my feet on the ground.  In reality, I shouldn’t underestimate the free tea I got at Starbucks today.  That could be my really big break and now I am on the other side of the cusp…

Don’t mistake my complaining about luck for actual unhappiness.  I am a lucky person in that I am healthy and solvent but I have never been one of those people who is the winning caller on a radio show or the millionth customer, now the proud recipient of a lifetime supply of Jell-O.  You will probably never hear that I won the lottery or a trip to Paris or met my favorite celebrity.  I would need to have a favorite celebrity first…  Maybe if I work on that, it will happen.  Isn’t that the basis of The Secret?  If you put it out there it will manifest?  I am ready to manifest the crap out of something soon.  I may have no idea what it is but I will be ready for it.  Is this when woo-woo people do intention setting or start gratitude journals?

I did a vision board once, after a break-up, and it reminded me of all the poster board projects that I did in middle school.  Like the ones back then, the idea of it was better than the real thing.  Pictures cut out of magazines say ransom letter more than visionary, life changing awakening.  But, as I said, I am on the cusp of something and it is going to be good.  It might be no one sitting next to me on my next flight or a series of consecutive empty elevators but until then I am going to wait patiently for my Instagram Influencer’s life advice and continue cooking spaghetti.





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