Not today, Apple!


I hate how reliant I am on my phone.  If only I could go back to the days when my entire life wasn’t connected to it.  I still have my written to do list but that doesn’t help with my list of appointments and reminders to get to them.  Not to mention the frustration of having to go to a repair place to fix my lifeline versus just being able to get rid of a no longer relevant item with my trusty eraser.  How will I get up if my phone doesn’t work?  No Instagram?  What will I do to pass the time?  Oh my gosh, the world won’t know about my pain?!?

I woke up this morning and somehow a piece of my phone’s charging port was no longer in the right place so I couldn’t get the cord in.  Great.  How am I supposed to adult if my phone doesn’t have any power?  Where will my self worth come from?  I drove down to the Apple store and thought that because they had only been open for half an hour, someone would be able to see me fairly quickly.  Wrong!  Let me tell you about my customer service experience.  I walked in and there were at least 15 Apple employees milling around, not doing anything.  I walked up to the two closest ones and felt like I was interrupting them from the nothing they were focused on.  They were as useful as greeters at Wal-Mart.  I was asked what the problem was and I explained that my charging port no longer functioned.  The response I got was, “What?!?  You broke your charging port?”  I did not appreciate the joking nature of the question or the sunglasses he was wearing INSIDE!  Usually I am a very polite person, open to friendly banter, but today was not the day.  For the first time in my life I actually told someone that.  I am not sure if that is growth or complete and utter bitchiness.

The jokester walked me over to the next person since I might have gotten lost had I been left to my own devices.  Keep in mind that the store was empty.  This second paragon of customer service told me that the wait time was 45 minutes for an emergency technician or I could have an appointment at 5:30pm.  Granted, I can survive without my phone for a day but I just don’t understand what all of those Apple employees are doing if they aren’t able to fix phones.  I also don’t understand who is training them on customer service.  Since when is wearing sunglasses acceptable?  And they weren’t transition lenses.  Yes, it is a sunny day in Seattle and some people might not be able to handle the bright ball of fire in the sky but come on.  If you want to laugh it up with me, at least do me the courtesy of showing me your eyes.  Because I was in a terrible mood, I walked out in a huff.  Yes, I was that person.  Fortunately they didn’t take my name or number so when I go back in tomorrow, at the very moment they open, hopefully they won’t recognize me.  I can’t wait to do it all over again.  Maybe I will wear a disguise…with sunglasses.

*I just went back to the Apple Store and my phone was fixed within minutes because I had an amazing person who took the time to understand the basic issue I was having.  I also found out the gentleman in the glasses was blind.  Of course he was.  Now I feel like even more of an asshole but at least I am an asshole with a functioning phone.

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