Do the opposite of what you usually do.

Lonely but fabulous

I have decided to do a new thing when it comes to men. I am going to do the opposite of what I would normally do.  It seems to me that past behavior hasn’t been working so maybe it is time for something different.  In the last week I have already messed up on item 2 but baby steps…  Here is my list of how this is going to work:

  1. Don’t be overly friendly when someone starts talking to you.  Ease into it and make them work for information.  That whole being mysterious thing…
  2. Let them ask for your number.  Don’t give them a note with yours in it unless you have a valid reason like asking them to give you last night’s homework or they are helping you track a lost dog…
  3. Stop being attracted to men who are too young for you.  Focus on age appropriate.  Dad bods can be hot, right?
  4. Don’t flirt with men who live or work in your neighborhood.  When things go pear shaped, having to find new restaurants and coffee shops sucks.
  5. Don’t invite them over until they have been thoroughly vetted by friends.  This stops them from knowing where you live, what you do or don’t have and limits the ability to fall too fast or too hard.
  6. Don’t date for potential or what they look like on paper.  Human fixer uppers are never a good idea nor are pipe dreams.
  7. Stop hanging out with so many gay men.  The last 10 years have shown that my gay friends don’t have many straight friends.  I have met one eligible man and he falls into item 6.  Yes, my gay friends are wonderful and easy to be with but are terrible match makers.
  8. Try online dating.  Don’t use the apps like a game.  I like to see how long it takes to swipe left on everyone and get to the point where there are no more men in the vicinity.  Originally it took me two days but now it only takes a few hours.  It could also be a drinking game with friends.  Guy with a fish, drink!  Guy with a beard, drink!  Guy with a Seahawks jersey, drink!  Guy in an open relationship, chug!

Now I just need to put it all into practice.  How hard can it be after decades of doing it all wrong?

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