Friends with Benefits.


Did you know that you can tell who the Seattle Seahawks are playing by who comes up on Bumble or Tinder?  I discovered this yesterday when I swiped past a bunch of dudes who work for the Cowboys or were in town from Texas.  My friend suggested that I use these guys to work on my ability to have a friends with benefits scenario.  She doesn’t think I am very good at actually putting any of this into practice and that these types of rendez-vous will force me to try…if I am actually serious about wanting something casual.  Lord knows why she doesn’t believe me.  It isn’t like any of my past casual encounters have back-fired and then some.  Maybe she is thinking of the two one-night stands where the dudes then moved to my city for me or when the guy I lost my virginity to tracked me down months later and asked me out to coffee…  These things happen to everyone, right?

Let’s play out this scenario, shall we?  The next home game, the Seahawks are playing the Rams.  I will meet one of the bros, we will go out, have a great time and maybe I will end up moving to LA, maybe he will be transferred here or we will do some sort of limbo thing.  Knowing me, I will decide to make a go of it even though I have been down this road before and bam! I am back in a relationship.  We don’t really know each other so there isn’t common ground and I learn that he isn’t the person I thought he was BECAUSE I SHOULD HAVE HAD A ONE NIGHT STAND AND LEFT IT AT THAT!  Yep, totally sounds reasonable.  Exactly what I am trying for.

This is where the practice part needs to kick in.  That whole projection part of my brain, planning the next 6 months of my life, needs to shut down so only the pleasure center can engage.  I need to channel my inner 20 year old guy and focus on the end game, not the post-mortem or the after party.  THE END GAME!  No emotions, no what-ifs.  I have 12 days to prepare my mental toughness and after that 6 more home games to put it all into practice.  BREAK!

One thought on “Friends with Benefits.

  1. Michael Tighe says:

    Hey stranger, I’ll be in town for the Vikings vs Seattle game. Though you won’t find me on Tindr. LOL. Enjoying your blog. Keep up the writing. Hope you’re well.


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