Who needs bars?

Out of yo league

I can just meet men in line for coffee. Starbucks for the win!  They may not be the right ones but either way, I am meeting them…

Today it was an older gentleman, probably in his 50s.  He was very friendly but didn’t seem to respond to non-verbal cues.  When someone moves away from you, perhaps following them, especially when they aren’t keeping up with their half of a conversation may not be the best plan of attack.  When they tell you that they have just been to a memorial service that is also a good time to step away.  I have heard that headphones are a good way to avoid these situations.  Maybe that was a hint about the headphones…  He does wear them quite often when I am around.

Mister Venti Cold Brew (VCB) is here almost every day and we have had a variety of conversations…exchanges that seem promising and then lead to him telling me he is dating a doctor.  I can’t compete with that.  Saying that you are a Marketing Director doesn’t have the same cachet.  I am not saving lives.  I don’t carry a pager.  I only studied for 6 years and didn’t have a sleepless residency after that.  I am not curing anything.  Doctor screams stability, perseverance and intellect.  Marketing Director suggests bright colors, corporate travel and knowledge of PowerPoint.  I don’t usually feel like I have to compete on the job title front but there is no getting past that one.  She might as well be Rosa Parks or Marie Curie.  I was going to say Mother Theresa but that would be slightly inappropriate in this scenario.


The other day we talked about nude beaches and how the people who are nude are never the ones you want to see in the buff.  That seems to apply to men who hit on me.  It is never the ones that I want to talk to me.  Usually they are loud and obnoxious or have a staring issue and no shame about it and I can’t help but look at them because I feel their eye balls boring into me.  They then think my eye contact is an invitation.  I wish I had that kind of confidence.  Maybe if I did, Mister VCB wouldn’t be dating a doctor.  He would be dating a Marketing Director.

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